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    From heart-shaped rocks to clouds, there's a world full of love on Changing Smart Frame. Buy now. Get inspired, start creating, share with friends-it's all on Changing Smart Frame. Share With Friends. Express Yourself. Watch Fun Videos. Create Cool Videos. Share Your Photo.

    About Smart Frame

    Drawing In Frame


    The art of ideas
    You never know when a great idea will spark, or where it will lead.
    From quick sketches to fully finished artwork, Changing Frame goes where your creativity takes you.


    Private Art Gallery

    Working in Changing Frame feels like drawing on paper. Brushes and pens behave like their physical counterparts (without cluttering up your desk or going dry). The interface is clean and unobtrusive, When you finish your creations, you can showcase them on the Changing Frame, turning your home into your own private art gallery.

    About Smart Frame

    Home Of Memory



    Cross-Device Memory


    Securely back-up your photos and videos to Google Photos and enjoy them from any Changing Smart Frame.



    Memories, Framed



    Share your memories with Changing
    Smart Frame through Google Photos and let Changing Smart Frame's exceptional display quality turn every corner of your home into a gallery of your life's most beautiful moments.

    About Smart Frame
  • Got an idea? Capture it fast

    This sleek, ultra-portable tablet is your perfect partner for capturing ideas as soon as they strike. With its responsive touch screen and versatile stylus, the Changing Atombook L14 transforms your fleeting thoughts into tangible creations in an instant. Whether you're sketching out a new design, jotting down notes, or organizing your next big project, the Changing Atombook L14 keeps pace with your creative flow. Its lightweight design means you can take it anywhere, turning every space into a workshop for your imagination. With the Changing Atombook L14, you're not just keeping up with your ideas; you're bringing them to life with speed, elegance.

    About Atombook

    Go-anywhere tablet with laptop productivity

    Discover the freedom of productivityChanging Atombook L14- your perfect on-the-go companion. Compact yet powerful, it blends the versatility of a tablet with the performance of a laptop. Whether for work, study, or playChanging Atombook L14is designed to adapt to your dynamic lifestyle, ensuring you stay productive and connected anywhere. Embrace the new era of mobile computingChanging Atombook L14.

    AboutAbout Atombook

    Multiple profiles for your family


    Empowering every family member with a personal touch. Our latest tablet offers multiple user profiles, ensuring a unique, secure, and tailored experience for everyone. Whether it's for work, learning, or playChanging Atombook L14adapts to each family member's needs. Bring home the device that understands everyone's preferences.

    About Atombook
  • Portable Workspace Ready to Go




    The Changing X-Monitor is an innovative portable workstation that seamlessly blends the convenience of a smartphone with the functionality of a laptop. With a simple connection, your smartphone or small device transforms into a fully functional computer, equipped with a touchscreen, keyboard, and built-in battery. This means that no matter where you are, you can easily complete work tasks and enjoy a smooth entertainment experience.

    About X-Monitor

    Gaming Without Limits



    Revolutionizing Gaming Experience-Changing X-Monitorexternal monitor brings unprecedented flexibility to gaming enthusiasts. Compatible not only with the Steam Deck but also with a wide range of gaming consoles, it creates a comprehensive gaming experience. Its exceptional portability and easy connectivity provide a more immersive and free gaming environment. For complex AAA titles,Changing X-Monitorovercomes the limitations of traditional controllers by supporting keyboard and mouse inputs. Gamers everywhere can now enjoy high-definition visuals and smooth gameplay, elevating their gaming fun to a whole new level.

    About X-Monitor

    Cross-Platform Versatility


    Beyond Multi-System Compatibility, Bridging Technological Innovation-Changing X-Monitorseries supports not only Android, Apple, and Windows but also integrates seamlessly with systems like Raspberry Pi and Linux. This extensive adaptability makes it an ideal choice for developers and tech enthusiasts. Offering stable and efficient performance,Changing X-Monitormeets diverse needs from professional development to daily use, epitomizing the perfect blend of technological innovation and convenience

    About X-Monitor

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