What products does Changingtouch offer?
Where can I purchase Changingtouch products?
Do Changingtouch products come with a warranty?
How can I contact customer support?
What is your return policy?
What are Smart Frames?
How do I upload photos to my Smart Frame?
Can I display videos on my Smart Frame?
Does the Smart Frame have a touchscreen?
Is there a mobile app for Smart Frames?
What sizes do the X-Monitor portable monitors come in?
Are the X-Monitor portable monitors touchscreen?
How do I connect my X-Monitor to my devices?
Can I use X-Monitor as a secondary display?
What resolutions do X-Monitor displays support?X
What operating system do Atombook laptops use?
Do Atombook laptops have touchscreen capabilities?
What are the hardware specifications of Atombook laptops?
Can I upgrade the RAM and storage on an Atombook laptop?
Do Atombook laptops support stylus input?


These FAQs should help customers understand the features and benefits of Changingtouch products and address common inquiries. For more detailed information, always refer to the product manuals and support resources available on our website.