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Step into a new era of digital art with our smart frame, more than just a display, it's a connector. Integrated with apps like Spotify and Instagram, it transforms your home into an interactive art gallery. Together, let's make every moment a shared memory, painting an endless canvas of our stories.

Smart Frame Team


Breaking tradition and ushering in a new era of mobile office, our laptops provide an unparalleled experience in external scenarios. Combining outstanding battery life with SD-WAN technology, every user can seamlessly experience the technological charm of Windows 11 on journeys and business trips. Diverging from the parameter stacking common in the market, we focus on genuine usage scenarios, ensuring convenience and innovation are always by your side.

PC team


"In this rapidly evolving digital age, our Smart OS team is dedicated to developing Android-based systems not just for innovating smart home products, but more importantly, to enrich and improve everyday life through the power of technology. Our goal, by deeply understanding user needs, is to bring simple, secure, and efficient operating systems into every household, making technology not an elusive concept but a close companion in creating a better living experience together."

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We understand that in the mobile era, you need more than just a display. Thus, our portable monitors redefine mobile work and entertainment with better color performance, longer battery life, and stronger productivity support at their core. Every detail, from color to battery, is meticulously crafted to make your life more convenient and beautiful.

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    We are a diverse team of smart hardware specialists, encompassing professionals from various fields such as electronics, mechanics, industrial design, and software. Our core values revolve around innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration, dedicated to transforming concepts into groundbreaking products that lead the way into the future. Regardless of project scale or complexity, we provide comprehensive hardware development solutions, striving for the perfect fusion of technology and design. Join us, and together.

    Let's pioneer a new chapter in intelligent technology.

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An Inspiring Gift for Life
Emily Smith

gave to our daughter changed our lives. Children use it to create amazing works of art, showing their unique creativity. This made them highly acclaimed and invited to exhibitions by professional artists. This photo frame has become a window for them to show their talents and stimulate more enthusiasm for creation.

this party is really wonderful. The lightweight design of the Clutch Laptop_L14 allows me to easily carry it, and its versatility makes me an all-round player of the party. Whether it's playing music, projecting games or creating beach art, ClutchLaptop_L14 are perfectly capable. Whether at the beach, camping or at a friend's home, it is the ideal companion to make parties more interesting and unique.

My Beach Party All-Rounde

Jack Wilson


digital life. It not only turns mobile phones into laptops, but also brings us more fun. The article will share the capabilities of this portable display and how it has changed our lives. Whether it is office or entertainment, it has brought us convenience. This is a new experience in the digital age, let's learn about it together.

Casting a New Light on Digital Life
Alex Techwise

Every one of us is like Iron Man in our own little world.

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