Smart Frame F16S

Embrace the splendor of art with Changing Smart Frame F16S, awakens your creativity and captures life's beauty.

Tech Spec

  • Oak Wood

    Black Plastic

    Walunt Wood

  • Whether it's the radiant beaches basking in sunlight or the cityscape dressed in the colors of the night, each photo bursts forth with an unparalleled spectrum of hues, ensuring every frame of memory never fades.

  • It's not just a frame; it's a source of inspiration that nurtures your creative potential.

    Supports USI & MPP stylus pens Seamless handover,and any capacitive stylus pens.

    Feature MPP Active Pen boasts an impressive 4096 pressure sensitivity levels.

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    Feature capacitive stylus pen is Gift in the package.

  • Step into a new era of digital frames with the Changing Smart Frame F16S and its revolutionary CHANGING OS, Unlike ordinary frames, it's a realy Smart Frame.

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  • Home Hub Frame

    Hang your F16S anywhere you want to hang,It take its classic design, bring you the bests smart life experience in every room.

    Music Hub 

    Home hub

System OS
Display and Touch
Battery and Charging
Memory and Storage
Media and Audio
Dimensions and Weight